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Traditional and authentic mexican food

Do you know what are the real, the authentic mexican recipes? Born from the marriage of two deeply rooted cultures; colonial Spain on one side, the exotic precolumbian civilization's traditions on the other... the authentic cuisine from Mexico sometimes takes advantage of some very unusual ingredient combinations that create complex, sophisticated flavors; and when homemade with our recipes you will reawaken their original spirit. Yet most of these real recipes are still easy to make! Embark with me on this culinary adventure; I will show you the best mexican food recipes, or the most traditional ones you can find, always in easy, convenient printer-friendly pages. In this site you will find classics such as the birria recipe, tinga de pollo, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tamales, tortas and most of the well known classics!

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You will find that some authentic dishes from Mexico can sometimes be slightly complicated, with long ingredient lists; however surely you will agree with me that eating the food you prepare is only half the pleasure, as making it yourself can be fun and rewarding... then you also have some classic recipes such as salsas, the guacamole, tacos, some appetizers which are actually quite simple! It is always better to get started with a few homemade and simple dishes while learning this cuisine.

There are literally hundreds of tasty mexican dishes that are easy to make that you can try at home; each and every state from Mexico has its own distinct culture and unique cookbook; and in the end, when you become familiar enough with this type of food it will be fun and challenging to prepare and host a Taquiza party for your friends and family (also featured on this page)... On this site you will also find dishes and quick snacks that many did not know they even existed, such as all the authentic sandwiches from Mexico: the Tortas, the Cemitas, the Lonches, etc... To read more click the chile on the right to jump back to the top of the page...

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